The value a company creates for its customers

As you should know by now, the value a company creates for its customers is based on providing a brand journey where customers become aware of an offering, assess/evaluate it (in relation to alternatives), purchase it, use it, and maintain/repair/dispose/repurchase it. You were recently asked to conduct and present research on an existing solution and describe the experiences customers had with that (competing) offering. The goal of that assignment was to identify and gain empathy for points in the journey that create frustration for your target customer persona. Your empathy can improve your understanding of how to provide new gain-creators and pain-relievers that improve peoples’ current experiences/journeys.

This assignment is your chance to go beyond describing the solution you’ve designed to describing the experience you will create for your customer. You should engage your imagination and creativity at every stage to explain what you’ll try to get people to see, do, think, and feel throughout their journey with you. Your goal is to be delightful – to create an experience that they’ll want to enjoy again and share with others.

As before, you must complete both pages of the customer journey template provided below. Unlike your previous effort that asked you to use evidence to characterize a brand journey, your responses to this assignment will be based on your creative design thinking efforts. Begin by setting the stage with descriptions of your customer persona and the situation they are facing (i.e., jobs-to-be-done in some setting, probably similar to what you described previously). Then describe the five phases of their journey with your offering – when they first become AWARE of your offering, how they ASSESS the relative quality/

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