The US History

1) Read the provided YAWP readings.

A Traveler Describes Life Along the Erie Canal, 1829

Harriet H. Robinson Remembers a Mill Workers’ Strike, 1836

2) Read Chapter 9 of the US History online text. Yep, the whole chapter this time. 🙂 It is FULL of information that we need to discuss.

3) Read the article provided, “The high cost of being poor.”

4) Review the PowerPoint provided.

Did you know?! Great Britain BEGAN the Industrial Revolution around 1760? By using coal and the invention of the steam engine, their growth was unstoppable. The British created so many canals it was referred to as canal mania! The invention of the steam engine then gave them the ability to dig even deeper and quicker for coal!

This week’s discussion will cover the Industrial Revolution in the North. Once you have read and reviewed the sources above, create a conversational discussion post with your class.

In what ways were people’s lives changed by Industrialization? How was it before and how was it after the Industrial Revolution? What types of new challenges did people and businesses face? Did the article “The High Cost of Being Poor,” change your perspective of the time period? Do you see women being treated differently? What did you learn that you didn’t know before? What surprised you the most?

Use these questions as examples to create your own thesis (main idea). Make sure to read and utilize all the resources provided to create an informed and engaging conversation with the class. If you utilize a source, please cite it.

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