The U.S. Constitution

U.S. Constitution stipulates that Electors will vote for the office of
President and Vice President, what we commonly refer to as the Electoral
College. Two times in the 21st century the candidate with the most
popular votes across the United States has not won the most votes in the
Electoral College, hence losing the election. Some activists and
scholars are arguing that a democratic system of government requires
that majority rules; therefore, the candidate for President who receives
the most popular votes should win the election. Further, there is a
proposal to bypass the Electoral College without having to amend the
Constitution (which is basically impossible).

Explore the strategy of the National Popular Vote movement at this website:

In addition, review these websites:

the way in which we elect Presidents in our current system to the
proposal of the National Popular Vote movement. Which method is
superior? Explain your answer.

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