The trumpet’s loud

The trumpet’s loud clangor Excites us to arms, With shrill notes of anger And mortal alarms.
Is the trumpet’s association to the whole poem illustrate its worldly destructive power of death or its inclination
to a harmonious existence of life?
Understanding the Lines of the Poem
The whole poem talks about the harmony of different musical instruments with the impression to deliver a
heavenly note, accompanying Cecile’s music. Dryden’s A Song for St. Cecilia’s Day is directed to the creation
of the universe, up to its destruction, sending death upon all creation, under the power of God. The selected
quotation found in the first four lines of the third stanza focuses on the trumpet as it calls for battle. Its loud
clangor signifies danger, and with the varying tone of the instrument, it can display the mood of anger. The
battle is associated with death, and at the same time, life for the victorious. This brings us to our question as to
where its power leads us: worldly destruction or the existence of life. This premise will help us understand what
the lines meant, and at the same time, deepen our understanding of the whole poem.
At the Grand Chorus, which is the eighth stanza of the poem, the trumpet’s mention was made on line seven,
where it alluded that the dead shall live and those who are living will die. Again, its loud clangor led to death
and the giving of life. This is basically the same occurrence that happened in the third stanza. This eventually
signifies that the trumpet is an instrument with the power to destroy and give life power. Still, when it is played
with the rest of the poem’s instruments, it gives St. Cecilia powerful music. So powerful, she can turn earth into
heaven. So powerful, we can compare it to the power of God. we
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