The transition in accommodation level for deaf students from high school to college

-What is most important in this essay is that you go well beyond description and focus primarily on critical analysis. A research essay must have a point of view. Without a thesis or "controlling argument," your essay will be merely descriptive, or will summarize the various articles that you have read without demonstrating your understanding or independent analysis.

10-12 resources in total. Please note that utilizing a research source involves much more than merely mentioning it. Remember that the research process requires careful scrutiny and attention – evaluate the reliability of all sources cited, and avoid the pitfalls of improper citation and plagiarism.

Evaluation criteria:
• Ability to apply course theories and concepts to the critical analysis of an issue in Deaf studies.
• Depth of analysis and reflection.
• Significant and appropriate use of external sources.
• Clarity of presentation, organization, and structure.
• Originality.

****3 Sources I will provide out of the 10 and will be Must used.

1-Israelite, N., Ewoldt, C., & Hoffmeister, R. (1992). Bilingual/bicultural education for Deaf and hard-of-hearing students: A review of the literature on the effects of
native sign language on majority language acquisition. Toronto, ON: Ontario Ministry of Education.
2-Johnson, R.E., Liddell, S.K., & Erting, C.J. (1989). Unlocking the curriculum: Principles for achieving access in Deaf education. Gallaudet Research Institute Working Paper 89-3. Washington, DC: Gallaudet University.

3-Karchmer, M. &d Mitchell, R. (2003). Demographic and achievement characteristics of deaf and hard-of-hearing students. In M. Marschark & P. Spencer (Eds.), Oxford handbook of Deaf studies, language, and education (pp. 21-37). New York: Oxford University Press.
4-Snoddon, K. (2009). Equity in education: Signed language and the courts. Current Issues in Language Planning, 10(3), 279-295.

Other sources >>>>. Stephanie W. Cawthon and Carrie Lou Garberoglio are 2 deaf researchers who do a lot of work in this area.

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