The Theme Table

The Theme Table
COMMON THEMES Annot. from Wapner (2013) Annot. from “Themes and findings” (2015) Annot. from Knappenberg & Michaels (2013)
What are the important aspects of climate change problem?
• Climate change is a constraint that includes the confluence of a series of global, intergenerational and theoretical problems.
• Emissions of greenhouse gas play a role in climate change – greenhouse gas emissions disperse and travel into the atmosphere globally – collectivity and individuals’ selective attention to climate change leading to tragedy of commons.
• The present generation evade and neglect the climate change problem and the problem deteriorates and becomes iterating on the future generation.
• Lack of scientific knowledge on the climate change and absence of the sense of morality • 60% of African Americans rate global warming and air pollution as extremely serious problems.
• 34% of African Americans claim that they face more harm from global warming or climate change than the other Americans.
• 43% of African Americans claim that they face more harm from air pollution. • Global carbon dioxide emissions have been increasing promptly due to China’s dramatic emissions growth.
• A country’s yearly carbon dioxide emissions are equal to its yearly enhanced warming pressure. Warming pressure is contributions of greenhouse gases and other potential factors.
• According to a degree Celsius of total global warming, the U.S. has 7% of responsibility for lowering global warming and the rest of the world has the other 93%.
• The U.S. emissions have little impact on global climate and no influences on future climate change.

Is governmental response enough to solve the problem of climate change?

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What is morally right behavior in response to climate change problem?

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Paper Instructions:
– Please read these three assigned articles which are attached to this order.
– Combine all the annotations from the FIRST ROW of the theme table and write ONE synthesized, unified, developed, coherent body paragraph [SCCUDy BP] about the first common theme which is (What are the important aspects of climate change problem?). — Just write one SCCUDy body paragraph on this theme. Do not talk about other themes of the theme table and MUST include all the annotations from the first row in the SCCUDy body paragraph!!
Be sure to cite the sources in the body paragraph.
***I have attached a sample of how this SCCUDy body paragraph should be written and done for reference.***
Please read the instructions carefully and follow them. Thank you. If you have any questions about the instructions please let me know.

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