The summary of United States v. Newman 773

Review the Insider Trading (Links to an external site.)
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Review the summary of United States v. Newman, 773 F.3d 438 (2d Cir. 2014) in Chapter 45 of the course textbook.
Review Chapter 45 of the course textbook.
Assume Ken Hastings (cookout host) and Tim Daniels (Ken’s tennis partner) both bought stock in New World Industries as soon as the market opened on
Monday and all profited 30% after the press announcement by Mrs. Chen. Pursuant to their agreement, Tim Daniels paid Ken Hasting 5% of the profit he
made on the transaction.
With regard to Judith Chen, Steve Chen, Ken Hastings and Tim Daniels, which of these parties could be considered an “insider” under rule 10(b)(5) of the
Securities Act of 1934? Explain why or why not.
Which of these parties could have tipper or tippee liability in this case?
Did Judith Chen’s actions in telling her husband about the settlement breach her fiduciary duty?
Who actually obtained a personal benefit from the tip and how?

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