The strategic sourcing plan

The strategic sourcing plan is a plan for how you will do business going forward. The sourcing plan can address how to supply resources to staff, your current and future systems, and how you will purchase raw materials or new IT systems.

Develop a high-level IT sourcing plan to guide Phoenix Fine Electronics to adopt enterprise solutions, rather than continuing to operate multiple stand-alone systems. As a guideline, your sourcing plan should be a 3- to 4-page outline or summary.

Your sourcing plan should do the following:
• List the current technologies being utilized
• Describe major issues with that technology
• Recommend new technologies to implement as replacements for current technologies
• Discuss how the new technologies address the current issues
• List additional advantages or value added from the new technologies
• Estimate the approximate time frame to implement the technology
• Describe any dependencies that the company does not currently have in order to implement

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