The Reliability of the Scriptures

Christians have historically claimed that as part of his special revelation, God has inspired the 39 books of the Old Testament and the 27 books of the New Testament. Watch the two ACE interview videos featuring Dr. Joshua Chatraw with Dr. Mark Straus on “The Reliability of the New Testaments” and “General Reliability of the Gospels.” In these interviews, Dr. Chatraw and Dr. Strauss discuss and answer some of the challenges to the reliability of the Scriptures that we have today. In addition, read the article in this module Reading and Study folder titled “Arguments that the Bible is the Word of God” (Towns 2001) that outlines 10 of the strongest arguments that the Bible is God’s inspired Word. Give special attention to any arguments that support that Bible being God’s Word that are outside of Scripture.

After reviewing the Learn materials for this module: week, respond to the following prompt: Name and explain 2 – 3 of the strongest reasons for believing that the Bible is inspired by God, giving support for your assertions. Include at least 2 objections to the Bible’s inspiration.

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