The Relationship Between Multiple Forms of Discrimination

The Relationship Between Multiple Forms of Discrimination, Neighborhood Characteristics, and Depression Among Illicit Drug Users in New York CityLinks to an external site. and address the following questions in a three to four page (excluding title and reference pages) analysis of this formal scientific study.
• Explain the purpose of this research
• Identify and state the research questions/hypotheses connected to this study
• Explain the ethical concerns associated with this research (i.e. review the ethical issues related to research on pages 586-596 of Oachs & Watters (2020) and explain the areas of concern and how they potentially were addressed)
• Assess how the cultural issues affected or could have affected this research (such as the culture of the researcher as well as the culture of the participants, or biases, stereotypes, assumptions.)
• Explain how the data should be collected, used and kept to uphold patient confidentiality.

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