The Red Bluff Golf

Project Description:
The Red Bluff Golf Course and Pro Shop is sponsoring a charity tournament, Putts for Paws, to raise money for the Santa Fe Animal Center. An intern created a database to help run the tournament but did not finish it before leaving. You have been asked to finish the database to track the participants who enter the tournament, the orders they have placed, and the items they have purchased.

Steps to Perform:
Step Instructions Points Possible
1 Start Access. Open the downloaded file named Access_CH01_Prepare_Putts.accdb. Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the filename. Save the file to the location where you are storing your files. 0
2 Import the tblParticipants table from the Access_CH01_Prepare_Participants.accdb Access database. 15
3 Edit the first record in the tblParticipants table so that the LastName field is Student and the FirstName field is Access. 7
4 Add a new record to the append row of the tblParticipants table using the following data.

ParticipantID 30
LastName Harper
FirstName Juliet
StreetAddress 1509 Las Cruces Drive
City Las Cruces
State NM
ZipCode 88003
ContactPhoneNumber 5055558786

CorporatePhoneNumber (leave blank)

Close the tblParticipants table. 10
5 Use the Query Wizard to select the following fields from tblParticipants (in this order): LastName, Firstname, and City. Save the query as qryAlbuquerque. 7
6 Switch to Design View of qryAlbuquerque and type Albuquerque in the criteria row of the City field. 6
7 Sort the results of the query by LastName in ascending order and then by FirstName in ascending order. Run the query.

Save and close the query. 7
8 Create a form using the tblParticipants table and save it as frmParticipants. 10
9 Edit the title to be Participant Form and then save the form. 8
10 Add a new record to tblPartcipants using the form and the following data.

ParticipantID 31
LastName Pena
FirstName Audrey
StreetAddress 9895 Semper Avenue
City Belen
State NM
ZipCode 87002
ContactPhoneNumber 5055553355

CorporatePhoneNumber (leave blank)

Close the form. 10
11 Use the Report Wizard to create a report displaying the following fields from tblParticipants (in this order): LastName, FirstName, City, and ContactPhoneNumber. Group the participants by City, sort the participants by LastName and then by FirstName in ascending order. Display the report with a stepped layout and portrait orientation. Save the report as rptParticipantsByCity. 15
12 In Layout view, drag the left border of the ContactPhoneNumber heading to the left until the entire column heading is visible. Edit the title of the report to be Tournament Participants By City.

Save and close the report. 5
13 Save and close Access_CH01_Prepare_Putts.accdb. Exit Access. Submit your files as directed. 0
Total Points 100

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