the ramayana book report for humanities 1301

the ramayana book report for humanities 1301

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The Ramayana: A Shortened Modern Prose Version of the Indian Epic. R. K. Narayan



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The Assignment

The epic poem called the Ramayana, which many Hindus regard as a scripture, was originally written in Sanskrit by Valmiki. The Ramayana story has been retold many times in other Indian languages. A version in the Tamil language of South India, written by Kamban in the 12th century, is the basis of this English version of the Ramayana. A major modern Indian novelist, R. K. Narayan [born 1906, died 2001], himself a native Tamil speaker, published this version in 1972.

In your review essay, I want you to consider the story in terms of the Hindu concept of dharma. Narayan does not use the Sanskrit word dharma, but the idea that each character has a duty or destiny which must be fulfilled pervades the book. What is Rama’s dharma? What is Sita’s dharma? Consider in particular how the marriage of Rama and Sita is restored at the end of the story by divine intervention. What is Hanuman’s dharma? Since he is non-human, how does this alter his dharma? What is Ravana’s dharma? Since he is a demon, he might fulfill his demon dharma, and yet commit evil as understood in human terms. How does this apply to his actions and ultimate fate? How does this help explain why evil exists?

Be specific in your discussion with reference to the book. However, avoid direct quotation from the books; your words are the words that are important.

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