The purpose and priorities of the CECE

Explore the CECE website and then reflect and answer the below questions. You can respond in question/answer format.

  1. Describe the purpose and priorities of the CECE.
  2. How does this connect to where you are currently working or your future career goals?
  3. How was the CECE put into place? Discuss how it began and which Act/ Regulations were involved.
  4. Discuss one example of a by-law that is connected to the CECE.
  5. Review all of the Councils and Committees that the CECE has. How do these committees support children, families and the Early Childhood Industry? Explain one thing you learned in relation to the Councils and Committees.
  6. Review the Election Process with the CECE. What is required if you wanted to run in the election? How does this election support us as Early Childhood Professionals?
  7. Are you interested in becoming more involved with the college? If so, in what area?

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