The Process of Parenting

1) Please read and select a “tool” from an eReserve reading titled The Process of Parenting, by J. Brooks, pages 157 to 164. The reading is located in Content/Course Resources/eReserves, and please click the little words “Week Five. Once you open this reading, right there in page 157 you will see the reading has a title: Tool Chest for Dealing With Problem Behaviors. (PLEASE SEEA ATTACHED)
Assignment: Please select one of those tools or more than one of the tools for dealing with problem behavior in your (or your future!) children. That is, choose any tool except those listed as “ineffective forms of discipline!”
Please explain why you prefer the tool you chose.
Perhaps you already use one of these tools? Please explain that as well.
Please describe ways you offer praise to children.
Consider the balance, which events do you give more attention to, discipline or praise at unexpected moments?
Please consider and discuss (after you have read Dr. Barr’s lecture notes) the balance between praise, discipline, and conversations.

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