DESCRIBE THE PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS of their work in the workplace (then and now)
Write YOUR PERSONAL ‘LESSONS LEARNED’ as a result of doing this research.

Search for and read the studies of the workplace, the theories and the practical applications of work motivation that have been made by each and all of the following people.
This report should present the work and the impact of these people in the order presented below.
a. Frederick Taylor
b. Kurt Lewin
c. Douglas McGregor
d. Abraham Maslow
e. Fred Emery
f. Ludwig von Bertalanffy
g. Frederick Herzberg
h. Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham (together)
FOR EACH OF THE 8, IN ORDER, DO THIS: Describe what these people accomplished and how it was useful for managing work and leading workers in their times. Do not simply present demographic information (birth/death dates, education, location of birth, etc.). Discover and report … What did they do? Why? What resulted? There are many sources. Explore.
(2) THEN PRESENT THIS: How do current organizations and workplaces (NOW) continue to benefit from the theories and actions that each of the experts discovered, created?

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