The parameter of interest

Complete the following for Homework 6:

  1. Online Homework 6 Practice from Chapter 4 on WileyPLUS (0 points)
  2. Required assignment Questions 1-6 about Chapter 4 (5 points)

Note 1: You are required to use your own words in answering all homework questions. You cannot copy information from the book or other sources.

Note 2: Whenever you do computations, you are required to show your work.

Note 3: Whenever you use StatKey, include screenshots of your output. Your output should not be identical to another students output to get credit.

Answer questions 1-6 based on the following scenario.
The Pew Research Center frequently conducts surveys to understand social and demographic trends. In one survey, single U.S. adults were asked “Do you feel pressured by family members to be in a committed relationship?”

The data was collected from a random sample of 1,507 single U.S. adults in October 2019. Out of 1,507 adults, 693 said yes.

Research Question: Do less than half of single U.S. adults feel pressured by family members to be in a committed relationship?

  1. What is the parameter of interest? Describe in context.
  2. What is the statistic of interest? Describe in context and provide a value.
  3. List the hypothesis statements using appropriate symbols and values.


  1. Use StatKey to find the p-value. Include your StatKey output with the p-value highlighted.

p-value =

  1. Interpret the p-value by referencing what the probability represents.
  2. What is your conclusion in the context of this problem?

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