The organic view of government

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The organic view of government is said to be the heart and an organic whole, while the mechanistic view of government is not an organic part of society (Rosen & Gayer, 2014, pp. 3-4). Everyone will have their own opinion as to which view of government is best, however, I believe mechanistic view of government is best. Truthfully, the organic view comes off as unrealistic and a bit impractical. The organic view radiates more of a holistic approach that I do not believe in nor think would be beneficial in today’s society or government. With the mechanistic view of government, it is believed that the government exists for the good of the people and even though there is much corruption within our government, I do believe that to be underlyingly true (Rosen & Gayer, 2014). Government has laws and policies in place to prevent negative actions such as violence, sexual assault, discrimination, equality, and more. There have been arguments whether government intervention is required for the good of individuals or not and I believe that depends on the individual themselves. Even though with this view there is more control, I believe this is needed within our changing society and world overall and without control, disarray occurs. Without a strong government with laws and policies in place, individuals seem to believe they can do as they please in many aspects that are not morally sound. There will always be controversy regarding how involved the government should be and as citizens, it is our right and job to vote to elect the best official to make those decisions for us as a country.

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