The Occupational Health Nurse Encounters Mental Health Issues

Brenda Dowell is a master’s-prepared occupational health nurse. Brenda works in the employee health clinic of a fortune 500 business. This morning, Cindy True a 20 year employee visits Brenda with continued complaints of restlessness, lack of sleep, loss of appetite and a feeling that “life is not worth living”

Because of the economy and the possibility of continued layoffs Brenda has noticed signs of

depression in many employees.

Task: As a nursing student completing a clinical rotation in Public Health Nursing, you make

few observations to your Instructor that you want to share with Brenda. You base your

observations on:

What you know about mental health issues in the community
What you understand about the application of the epidemiological model in the workplace
What Brenda might consider in her role to assist her fellow employees

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