The mission to safeguard black history in the USA


Provide the NAME & url for the speech you reviewed here:

What is the topic of the speech?

What is the speaker’s specific purpose?

HIGHLIGHT with background color-Which of the following methods of gaining interest and attention does the speaker use in the introduction?
¨ Relate the topic to the audience ¨ State the importance of the topic

¨ Startle the audience ¨ Arouse the curiosity of the audience

¨ Question the audience ¨ Begin with a quotation

¨ Tell a story ¨ Refer to the occasion

¨ Invite audience participation ¨ Use visual or audio aids

¨ Refer to a previous speaker ¨ Begin with humor

Does the speaker include a central idea/thesis that previews the main points of the speech in the introduction? State the central idea/thesis to show that you understand the definition of this concept.

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