The leadership practices in Japan

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I’ve selected to research the leadership practices in Japan. Japan is located off the east cost of Asia and consist of islands located northeast southwest that spans approximately fifteen hundred (1,500) miles through the western North Pacific Ocean. The country comprises of four main islands and several smaller islands. Japan’s capital is Tokyo. It is a complex society, and one of the most economically and technologically advanced countries in the world (Watanabe, et. al 2022). Japan has experienced rapid economic growth both domestically and is a strong competitor in the global marketplace. It is the world’s second largest economic power, ranking behind only the United States (Watanabe, et. al 2022). The country has a well-developed manufacturing and service economy and is one of the world’s largest producers of motor vehicles, steel, and high technology manufactured consumer goods. The economy is dominated by the service sector as a share of gross domestic product (GDP) and employment (Watanabe, et. al 2022). Japan’s work culture is notorious for excessive work that dominates workers lives to the point of affecting family life and sometimes death. “Traditional leadership development in Japan has involved little formal training. It relies instead on informal on-the-job experiences, most often through job rotations aimed at comprehensive exposure to operations company-wide” (J-Global, 2022). Japanese companies are not well-positioned in the current global talent marketplace. Current management and leadership development structures not only fail to attract, but often exclude top global talent. Japan is also not investing in its domestic workforce with the skills and core competencies needed to be competitive in today’s global marketplace. A possible approach is to build on current capabilities by using an approach that combines Japanese leadership development practices with context-specific best practices that have proven successful globally (J. Global, 2022).

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