The juvenile assessment center

You and Officer Landonio are on patrol. You see two juveniles sitting on the curb, and they are smoking what appears to be a marijuana cigarette. They are not trying to hide the fact that they are smoking marijuana, and you pull your patrol car over to talk to them. You run their names and find that one juvenile, Thomas Jones, does not have a record. The other juvenile however, Henry Thompson, has a long juvenile record. You now have the decision of whether or not to use your
What is a chronic juvenile offender? Explain.
Do you take both boys into the juvenile assessment center; let the juvenile without a record leave and take Henry Thompson to the juvenile assessment center; or do you let both boys go with a warning? Explain your decision.
What do you think would be the benefits of your decision? Explain.
What do you think would be the consequences of your decision? Explain
What are your state laws pertaining to marijuana? Explain.
Do you agree with these laws? Why or why not?

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