The growth of start ups in China in the sector of online retail: Why do entrepreneurs choose this path to new venture creation?

The growth of start ups in China in the sector of online retail: Why do entrepreneurs choose this path to new venture creation?
Introduction (1200 words)
The research question is the growth of start ups in china in the sectors of online retail: why do entrepreneurs choose this path to new venture creation
The aim of the research is to find out the key factor and reasons that make the entrepreneurs in china to choose to start up their business as online retailers.
The objectives of the study include:
1. Empirical research on ….
2. Critical review of the literature on ……
3. Qualitative research on ……
4. Quantitative research on ……
why choose this topic
own experience
learning interest through the university life
Background information
Background research (both academic and industry) [need some links that have been done by other famous journal or research]

This type of research was made possible and is feasible because it is based on the theory that has been done before, also the quantities of the research is enough to prove the ideas and finding through the questionnaire and interview.
The report is split into four main sections. First looking at the literatures that have been done before. The second section is the research method. The third part of the report is finding and analyses after the research. Finally, the report discusses the result and recommendations for

Literature Review-200 word
The Review was designed to evaluate the key factors of why start up a new venture as online retail and the recourses entrepreneurs need. To put some order on different order, I structured my review around a subset of XXX themes (Appendix B) that featured
(1) why start-up;
(2) the resources entrepreneurs need
(3) challenge/gaps in the literature as key strands of the debate on different approach in China and European

Sources included
New VENTURE CREATION: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century (Stephen Spinelli&Jr.Robert Adams, 2012)
and research reports on the e-commerce industry and entrepreneurial development; economic insights from XXX; and recent literature and industry data on online retailers. I also searched ISI rated journals including (list at least 3 main journals) on ……

1.why start up
growing of entrepreneurship- 500 word
definition of entrepreneur
connection of growing of entrepreneurship and economic
small firms

e-commerce – 600 words
1. Development of e-commerce
Definition and Background history
2. Ecommerce in the world wide (UK and china)
Exist situation
Global competition
3. What contribution/benefit they made to the whole world

Why they start up (focus)- 1300-1500 words
1.Reason (conflict and different in different countries- developing and developed, find the theory based)
Basically the reasons that makes entrepreneur start up their own business are different depend on different countries, culture,
Want to be rich (developed country)
1. Don’t wants to be managed and want to lead the people (personal evaluation)
2. Find out the opportunities in the exist market (probably through the job experience and think, it is better to do by own)
3. Find out the opportunities in the potential market (the market which doesn’t have a lot of competitors and it is good the entry and it might have a bright future)
4. Want to have a better life
5. Economy influence (recession)

Don’t have any other choice (developing country)
1. Don’t have a lot of job opportunities
2. The salary paid cannot feed the family (or keep away from starving or normal life), the pressure of the family
3. Want to have a better life
4. Society trends in the developing country (might be a lot of opportunities like China and India, government support)

2.the nature of entrepreneurs
Opportunity focused (the nature of grab the opportunity, entrepreneur)
Opportunity centered entrepreneurship- definition
2.The recourses entrepreneurs need (theory related) – 700 words
Conflict: Do they really base on the recourses they have?
One side: entrepreneur doesn’t need the recourses because they create idea
Successful example of entrepreneurs who doesn’t have resources (money, powerful background)

Another side: entrepreneur use the resources they have to become successful
Successful Example of resources based entrepreneurs
3.Challenges/gaps in literature -500 words
Big difference approach in China and UK
Different culture (leading to different consumer behavior)
Different economic environment

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