The purpose of this paper is for you to critically reflect upon how our readings and our class discussions connect to ethical theories and “real life” ethical applications and practice. To do well on this paper, it is important that you have carefully read all of the required materials.

Please use the following questions to guide your writing:
• What insights have you discovered regarding your personal ethical code?
• How do the readings and our discussions connect to your personal ideas and theories regarding organizational and professional ethics?
• How does Aristotle’s Eudaimonia connect to modern perceptions of happiness?
• What is the connection between Eudaimonia and Ethics?
• How shall I live? What is the ideal human life?
• How are we to live? What is the ideal collective life?
• How should we make ethical decisions?
• What is your theory for how we are supposed to live and the kind of people we are or aspire to be?
• What does it mean for you to flourish?

Grading will be based upon your analysis of the materials and your reflective personal insights. Proper spelling, grammar and organization (intro, main points, conclusion) are expected. Please draw connections to our course readings and/or discussions.


The reference, below , must be included the references you will use:
Cheney, G., Lair, D. J., Ritz, D., & Kendall, B. E. (2010). Just a job? Communication, ethics
and professional life. Oxford University Press: New York.

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