The Global Government and Business Leaders Forum (GGBL)

The Global Government and Business Leaders Forum (GGBL)
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– With reference to Appendix A, you are required to individually produce (a) a Project Charter, and (b) an initial stakeholder register. You need to determine the most appropriate level of detail to be included in the project charter and stakeholder register to make them fit for purpose. The Project Charter may identify gaps in the business case, if any, that need to be resolved in the near term. For the initial stakeholder register, provide details on the stakeholders to kick-off the project, AND the stakeholders for fully completing the project. Please be specific to earn credits.
– I will upload Appendix A and you can complete it.
– you can put stakeholders in tables or as bolts.
-please be accurate.
Note; this is not a report. Use Appendix A as a reference.
– I want the writer who has helped me withe the
project business case #340501 to do this for me.

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