The Future of Nursing 2020-2030.

As the Institute of Medicine seminal report has progressed through the decades, progress toward goals and new needs are identified. Currently, 2020-2030 plans are being developed.

Review the Future of Nursing 2020-2030.
Consider the current and future challenges identified:

The role of nurses in improving the health of individuals, families, and communities by addressing social determinants of health and providing effective, efficient, equitable, and accessible care for all across the care continuum, as well as identifying the system facilitators and barriers to achieving this goal.
The current and future deployment of all levels of nurses across the care continuum, including in collaborative practice models, to address the challenges of building a culture of health.
System facilitators and barriers to achieving a workforce that is diverse, including gender, race, and ethnicity, across all levels of nursing education.
The role of the nursing profession in assuring that the voice of individuals, families, and communities are incorporated into the design and operations of clinical and community health systems.
The training and competency-development needed to prepare nurses, including advanced practice nurses, to work outside of acute care settings and to lead efforts to build a culture of health and health equity, and the extent to which the current curriculum meets these needs.
The ability of nurses to serve as change agents in creating systems that bridge the delivery of health care and social needs care in the community.
The research needed to identify or develop effective nursing practices for eliminating gaps and disparities in health care.
The importance of nurse well-being and resilience in ensuring the delivery of high-quality care and improving community health.
Consider your role as a leader in developing the Future of Nursing in 2020 and beyond.
Include the following aspects in the discussion:

Choose one of the needs above (do not use one a peer has chosen if possible)
Search the database for one recent scholarly article that explores the topic
Summarize your plan to participate in this need

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