The evolving institution of African slavery from its origins

Discuss the evolving institution of African slavery from its origins, the resistance, and abolitionist efforts through the start of the civil war. Remember the question is about the “evolving institution of slavery,” so you are going to start with Jamestown. Pick at least 7 to help with the paper.

The 1st slaves brought into the English colonies were at Jamestown (1st successful English colony).
As more “agricultural” colonies were established, there was a need for more labor
Bacon’s Rebellion (Virginia) caused the colonies to look for new sources of labor (explain why)
Revolutionary Way was the 1st instance that the morality of slavery was questioned (Jefferson and the Declaration)-explain further
Once the U.S. is established, slavery took center stage with the Constitutional Convention (arguments between the states and the 3/5 Compromise)-explain
Balance of power became the focus (power between slave states and Free states)
Missouri Compromise was the 1st time the federal government stepped in to restrict slavery in new states-explain
Abolitionist movement grows with David Walker, William Lloyd Garrison (The Liberator)-who worked with Fredrick Douglass and Grimke Sisters
The Compromise of 1850 was sparked with the entrance of California into the US as a Free State (shifting the balance of power)
Kansas Nebraska Act nullified the Missouri Compromise-sparked outright conflict between Free-Staters and Pro-Slavery groups (explain)
Republican party was created because of the KS-NE Act, 1st Political Party to openly oppose slavery
Because of the election of Lincoln, southern states begin to secede and the Civil War begins at Fort Sumer, SC
The lasting impacts are the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments (explain)

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