The effects of biotechnology on daily life

explore the effects of biotechnology on daily life; you will also provide an applicable definition of ecology in a written podcast script containing two segments. The podcast script requirements are listed here:

Podcast Segment 1 Title: Neighborhood Ecology
Consider a habitat that you live in or visit regularly. Perhaps it is a nearby lake, river, forest, or even an urban habitat. Educate your listeners about some of the undomesticated species of plants or animals that share this habitat with you.
Discuss some interactions among these different species and how they may affect each of these populations.
Walk your audience through a hypothetical scenario in which one of these species is removed. Consider how this might change the remaining populations and whether this is something that would affect the human population.
Podcast Segment 2 Title: Biotechnology in Your Face
Educate your audience about common products they consume that involve genetically modified organisms. These may be foods, medicines, or clothing.
Discuss the public’s perception of these products, and then compare these perceptions with the facts. Separate invalid from valid concerns about health and the environment.
Finally, discuss the ethical implications of human DNA technologies.
Step 2
Write a two-segment podcast script.

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