The Effect of Wait Times on Patient Satisfaction

Topic: The Effect of Wait Times on Patient Satisfaction
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You may pick any ONE case from the list found below that deals with Operations Management issues OR you can use the Webster Library’s article databases, internet search engines, or other resources to identify alternative cases. If you choose to NOT use one of the cases found below and use an external sourced case, you MUST submit a summary to the instructor for approval no later than the end of Week Three.

Your paper MUST follow the APA Style® (Links to an external site.) format and be approximately 10 pages in length; excluding cover page, diagrams, tables, references, and appendices. See layout requirements below. You MUST use Microsoft® Word for your paper’s file format and use this naming convention lastname_casename.doc ( – 5 points for improper file naming).

If there are questions in the case, answer them. View the case as if you are the Operations Manager, or CEO of the company. Look up the company on the internet and research them. What kind of analysis tools can you use from your textbook to help you support your conclusions with the case? If the company is foreign-based, then how does it operate differently than a U.S. based company?

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