The DNA of Relationships

Review, The DNA of Relationships: Discover How You Are Designed for Satisfying Relationships, by Gary Smalley, pages 109-179, and Study Guide pages 196-203. Read PPT-7a and PPT-8a.

PPT-7b/ 8b is optional reading that is designed to support course understanding.

(Note that PPT-8a/b is found within the Week 8 task list.)

For this assignment, refer only to this text and the required PPT reading.

Responses should not be repeated from previous answers but can be expanded.

Note: The grade letter will depend on clarity, depth, and quality of the answers.

7.0 Question about Upcoming Assignment:

What movie about loving relational success are you considering for Assignment 9? Include the release year and few sentence synopses. Make sure that the movie has adequate content to answer the assignment questions. The instructor will indicate if the movie is approved.

<Read “Movie Analysis Based on Course Studies” under, the Assignment 9 Question/Answer Instructions. Choose a movie with a love/relationship theme.

For example, the Christian based movie, Fireproof (2008) has been a popular choice. Be sure to review the Assignment 9 questions and pre-assess if your selected movie has supporting depth in story and characters for adequate responses to related questions. A quality movie may be determined from an online search and may be found in various free or paid venues. Limit 7.0 to a ½ page or less.>

7.1 Significant Other’s Evaluation of You:

a. Question to Evaluator: Since I have been taking Amberton’s course, The Power and Wisdom of Love, I have become more aware or been reminded of key relational enrichments. What constructive suggestions do you have for me to improve or continue to have a good or better and more productive relationships?

b. For self: What was your emotional reaction to or learning from the results?

c. What course teachings or reminders will help most with the suggested changes, improvements, or positive continuations of your interpersonal relations?

<7.1 needs to be about 1 page.>

7.2 Self-Evaluation Analysis: (Document cited answers as instructed.)

Ponder your Self Evaluation questions and subparts 7 (Devoted Consideration?) and 8 (Respectful Communication?). Scan the supplements PPT-7a/8a, particularly the segments under Food for Thought. When reflecting on the above Self Evaluation questions and the above PPTs, what mostly relates to you and can help you, directly or indirectly for the past, present, and/or future, and specifically explain how or why.

7.3 Short Text Related Question: (Document cited answers as instructed.)

From this week’s assigned text reading, Smalley covers three key relational topics: a. Changing a Need to Always be Right; b. Listening to the Heart; and c. No Lose Teamwork. Choose one of these three points, summarize the author’s view, and briefly tell how and/or why that would benefit your relationship with others.

  1. What relationship do you want and need to improve? (Chose an important relationship to you, be it a spouse, child, family member, friend, co-worker, or acquaintance.) What is the main issue and/or specific difficulty regarding this person?
  2. What is your specific goal, which is both realistic and achievable, that you can and will do for relational improvement and what do you want to see happen?
  3. Self-Evaluation Title: Just give the number and title from the ten Self-Evaluation questions that best matches your goal.
  4. What about you that needs to change or improve for your goal to make this part of your relationship healthier, more productive, and/or more harmonious?

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