review the literature and applicable code of ethics to analyze what are the most appropriate professional attitudes and behaviors related to working with clients who are on or need medications for mental health and/or substance use disorder stability and recovery.

You must stay within the scope of a Clinical mental counselor

Should a counselor be able to prescribe psychotropic medications to a client? Why or why not?
When, if ever, can a counselor share their personal or professional opinions about prescribed medications, over-the-counter medications and/or supplements with a client? Explain your thoughts about this question.
Who is best qualified to diagnose and prescribe psychotropic medications? What qualifies them to be the best resource for diagnosis and prescribing? What are the relevant codes within the ACA Code of Ethics that support your answer?
When a client comes to you already on psychotropic medications, what is within your role and scope of practice? What is not within your role and scope of practice?
If a client needs further evaluation in order to determine their diagnosis and potential need for psychotropic medications, how can we frame the conversation so it is client-centered, empathic, ethical, and informative?

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