the complexity of market competetion

the complexity of market competetion

Read these instructions carefully. However, contact your tutor in case any difficulties with the instructions. You should submit your completed assignment to your tutor no later than the due date which will be announced later.

Please use standard A4 size paper for your TMA. Your name, personal identifier, course and assignment numbers must appear at the top of each sheet. It is better to use double spacing so that you can easily handwrite corrections to your drafts and tutors have space to encourage with your points as you make them. Start each question or part/report in the assignment on a new page. All text should be word-processed, but, diagrams and accompanying notes may be hand drawn and hand written and on large sheets of paper please.

Completing and sending your assignments

When you have completed your TMA, fill in a new assignment form (PT3), taking care to enter correctly your personal identifier course and assignment numbers. Keep a copy of your TMA for security. The copy that is eventually returned to you after the assessment process will have comments written on it. All assignments are treated in strict confidence.
It is very important that you ensure that your tutor receives each assignment by the cut off date given. If you feel that you are unable to meet the cut-off date for the TMA because of unusual circumstances, please contact your tutor as soon as possible to discuss a possible extension to the cut-off date.

Access to other sources of information such as reference books or the Internet is encouraged. You may find it interesting to look there for additional relevant information. Very short extract from published sources may be included in context but you should avoid copying significant amounts of text from other authors. You should note that whilst the internet can provide lots of information much of it is not refereed and should be treated with caution. If you take material from the course or elsewhere and incorporate it in your answer word-for-word, you must indicate where you have taken it from. Not to do so it termed ‘plagiarism’ and is regarded as an infringement of copyright. To attempt to pass off such work as your own is cheating.

You must therefore acknowledge all your sources of information.

Plagiarism will lead to a loss of marks and extensive plagiarism could mean that you fail this TMA. For more information about what constitutes plagiarism or cheating you should refer to the current Assessment Handbook.

What to do and what to submit to your course tutor.
You are asked to submit 3 new pieces of work to your tutor for this assignment. You should produce:

Q 1. A Tutor Report of about 2000 words that describes the situation you are addressing in course terms drawing freely on the concepts taught in T306. The discussion and argument should guide your tutor through your chosen method and demonstrate the progression and interconnectedness within your method from one stage’s outcome to the next. Your Tutor Report should include a range of diagrams to help your tutor make sense of the situation and subsequent analysis. It should also include the analysis method diagram and your Ethicality Statement. (60 marks)

Q 2. A Client Report of about 500 words. This should be a briefing document aimed at your Client and in plain English that justifies and ‘sells’ the options for change and/or recommendations coming out of your study.

(20 marks)

Your report should be based around an explanatory commentary in course terms that guides your tutor through your analysis and includes:
1. Your description of the problem situation using appropriate systems language where possible. This should be as presented to, and seen by you. Your data collection should have been completed.

2. An analysis method diagram illustrating the procedural steps through the analysis method you have adopted or developed together with a rationale for its use in this context.

3. A Stakeholder Analysis that identifies all the stakeholder individuals and/or groups who should be considered in some way in your study.

. this point belong to question 2 . A) Explanation of any problems you encountered in this project and how you dealt with them.

For more clarification (according to my tutor requirement) :
to solve question 1 you have to write about the complexity in market competition according to that topic you have to follow these steps in answer this question ;
1) write about BECM , B is being : in this you have to write about the general idea or situation (brief introduction of competition in market and why there is a complexity and how that complexity will affect the country and economy . also here you have to draw (hand writing ) : spray diagram and system map based on the information you wrote in this question
E: is engaging here you have to write what is the problem exactly , why is the market competition is complex and what is the proposal solution to reduce that problem and lead to make development in future ,after that you have to decide is this complexity difficulty or messy , then after deciding you suppose to mention soft or hard system .
C: mean contextualizing : in this point you have to apply hard or soft system , if the the situation difficulty here you have to apply hard system with 8 stages and how to find solution , but if you choose the situation as messy here you have to apply soft system with 7 stages and how to improve the situation . ( mention the stages with diagrams in details is very important and most marks based on it).

after that also you have to mention all stakeholders you involve them like : suppliers , managers, competitors, employees , government, shareholders and what are their perspective and beliefs about the complexity in market competition ( it will great if you arrange the stakeholders in schedule).

to solve question 2 : you have to write two paragraphs here:
the first one talking about the problem and complexity of market competition in report style
the second one about the suggestion solution for that problem ( my tutor required to write in the beginning of this question (to whom concern ) ( like government) to intervene and , control this problem as a solution for this problem . 500 words

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