The civil rights movement was led by the efforts of students

The civil rights movement was led by the efforts of students. They demanded an end to racism and discrimination through acts of resistance, confrontation, and enforcement. They were successful in helping to end school desegregation. supporting bus and store boycotts, and led sit-ins in towns and cities throughout the South where lunch counters prohibited service to Black customers. Students organized Freedom Rides and coordinated massive voter registration drives. They created organizations like SNCC, CORE, and the Black Panther Party. And, they forced colleges and universities to become more responsive to their needs and interests and to be more relevant to Black culture. Students organized to create Black Student Unions and African American Studies Programs not only in institutions of higher learning but also at the elementary and secondary levels as well. Their success led to the development of and became a model for other programs like Chicano Studies, Asian American Studies, Native American Studies, and Women’s Studies. As a student, you have a powerful voice. Alone and collectively, you can bring about positive change. So…
What have you done to bring about change? Are you willing to march and demonstrate for what you believe in? Are you willing to get arrested to make a point about an issue that you care about? Which is more successful: nonviolent protest or violent revolution? Or is there a difference? And…what activities have resulted in the most significant change in American society? How?
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