The Citizens Award Gala – CSR Governance

You work for Patagonia as VP of Operations and your company has been nominated for the Citizens Award from the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation.
Each nominee is to present its company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability initiatives at the Citizens Award Gala in Washington D.C.
You will develop a Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability plan on behalf of your organization that will showcase your company as the obvious
choice to win the award.
Create a 17-23 slide PowerPoint slide presentation you will present at the Gala. Please be sure to include your scriipt within the notes section of the
Be sure to include the following slides:
Title slide (1 slide)
Explain how your CSR plan will positively impact the triple bottom line while satisfying your shareholders, as well as internal and external stakeholders. (2-3
Include how you will mitigate the risk of negative internal and external perceptions of stakeholders or the public.
Describe how your community involvement and commitment to diversity, inclusion, equality, and equity have a positive impact on the company’s brand. (2-3
Discuss how your plan makes a global contribution to international and multicultural populations. (3-4 slides)
Predict how your plan will make a positive contribution to local, state, or governmental laws and regulations. (3-4 slides)
Include how you will measure financial and non-financial performance.
Illustrate how this plan will be implemented, why and how it will be sustainable, along with why you feel this CSR initiative is a core competency of your
organization. (3-4 slides).
Show how your organization contributes to all four types of corporate social responsibility to demonstrate positive corporate citizenship. (3-4 slides)
Provide attribution for credible sources used in the professional presentation.

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