The Chinese Exclusion Act.

For this film reflection you are to watch The Chinese Exclusion Act. A link to the film can be found under the “Required Media” tab for this week.

Upon witnessing this content, you are to provide a critique and assessment of the film based on materials covered in class. The papers must be 1.5-2pgs in length in 12 font/ Times New Roman and double spaced. Consider responding to the following questions in your paper:

I.-What messages were being conveyed by the film?

-How can we apply the content of the film to contemporary issues?

-What were the strengths and weaknesses of the the persons argument?

  • How might this apply to your own lived experiences?
  • How does this connect to the readings?

II. What parallels does the article draw between the Chinese Exclusion Act and today? What are some differences between the exclusion era and today?

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