The business is amazon!

A) Big data is in the news a lot. The president of the business you chose in week 1 wants to learn more about it. Find an article on big data for a company or industry that is similar to the business you chose. Briefly summarize the main points in the article and include a weblink to that article.

B) Compare and contrast the company in the article to your business from week 1. Is the company in the article in a similar line of business? Does the company in the article have a generic business strategy similar to or different from your business? Explain the similarities and differences.

C) Based on what you learned from the article, recommend a big data solution for your business. Make sure you include the source of the data (e.g., internal systems, social media, government data, purchased commercial data, etc.) and how you plan to use the data. With the data you describe, how will your managers be able to make better tactical or strategic decisions consistent with your business strategy? Describe the business value you expect from the big data solution you are proposing.

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