The Business Entrepreneur

The Business Entrepreneur
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would like you to write about Adam’s restaurant in Birmingham and I will give you the link of this website:


– Introduction

• Provide a brief introduction to the business, its existing products / services, market(s) and background
• Provide an overview of the new opportunity
– Undertake an industry analysis

• Undertake a SWOT analysis of the chosen business
• Analyse the industry using relevant tools (PESTEL or Porters 5 Forces)
– The new Product / Service / Opportunity

• Undertake market segmentation and provide a profile of the target market
• Suggest a marketing strategy outline (with some explanation of the rationale for the chosen channels)
• Provide pricing details and the rationale for the chosen price point
• Include details of group discussions
– Financing the Project

• Outline how much funding is required and how that money will be spent
• Provide sales projections for the first 3 years including assumptions
• Evaluate the technological and financial feasibility of the proposed actions
• Include details of group discussions
– Risks & Benefits

• Provide details of perceived risks along with mitigation strategies where applicable
• Explain how will the business benefit from capitalising on the opportunity (for example increased market share, increased sales revenues)
• Include details of group discussions
Please use Academic books & Journal articles that published in 2000 and above

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