The Bicycle Corps: (Documentary) America’s Black Army on Wheels:

The Bicycle Corps: (Documentary) America’s Black Army on Wheels: This
Documentary recounts the journey of the U.S Army’s 25th Infantry, an all black unit that
was sent on a 2,000-mile bicycle ride in 1887 to test the effectiveness of bikes as a means
of transportation. With their trek being documented by a ride-along reporter, the 25th rode
from Montana to Missouri through cactus fields, sandstorms and rivers.

You must write a Reaction Paper on the assigned DVD/Video from the class schedule.
Your objective is not to discuss any artistic merits or demerits of the film, but to analyze
it as a cultural artifact of the time it was produced, i.e. What does the film reflect about
America when it was made? In so doing you must also consider what view or views of
African & African American History it conveys, and what myths, stereotypes if any, it
perpetuates. As a history assignment you must discuss how it came about, why, what
message was it intended to project, etc. You should also include something on the film’s
relevance to African & African American History and Culture. APA 6th Edition Format
Required. Cover Page, Minimum of Three pages of text and Reference Page.Citing not required
with reaction paper Failureto follow format Instructions to the letter will incur an automatic deduction of 15points. Citing not required! Your thoughts and feelings!

typed on the cover page for each Video (Centered on the page) …

A paper: An excellent paper that gives a strong sense of the writer’s voice and holds the
reader’s interest. The writer seems always to keep in mind the audience and
purpose. The commitment is clear and fully met. The paper is well organized
with good transitions and the writer supports generalizations effectively,
using vivid details and vivid examples. The writer keeps the scope of the
paper narrow enough to handle. Language is vigorous. The writer has taken
some risks, moved away from formulas.

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