Textual Translations

compare two textual translations of work. We will be using The Maya Creation and The book of Genesis.
For both comparing and contrasting two text versions or text and other media, please select a 4-8 line
passage from one of the works included in the text .
Then, find a translation of it in another source.
when you have looked at the two translations write a paper
that evaluates the two translations on:
1) their strengths and weaknesses
2) their possible audiences
3) the value of the translation itself as a version of the original.
the paper should be formatted in MLA Style. 5+ pages. No Wikipedia, Shmoop,etc. Your paper should
include a minimum of three sources in addition to the primary source (the story or poem you are writing
about). Some of these sources should be from peer-reviewed journals or periodicals, either in print or online. Encyclopedias, dictionaries, and Wikipedia are not appropriate sources.

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