Texas Judiciary System

Topic: Texas Judiciary System

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Type a three page essay Reviewing the Texas Judiciary.
Considerations include but are not limited too: Is it possible for a jury to be unbiased?
Why or why not? What current features of the jury selection process
encourage bias and what features encourage impartiality? Contrast the
methods for selection of judges in Texas with those used in the United
States. Which methods support the most equitable system of justice and
why? How do campaign contributions impact the Texas judicial system? Give
specific examples. How does the current method of selecting judges in
Texas limit minority representation? What changes to judicial selection
would create a more fair system? Is minority representation important for
a democracy? Why or Why not? Be sure to address all points in your essay
and tie the questions to an overall thesis statement. Follow the rubric
attached to the reflective journal assignment for guidance on
expectations. The essay should be typed using Microsoft Word and submitted
to me via e-mail or printed and turned in by hand on Friday , April 15, 2016.
MLA ,double spaced , times new roman. No title page, no essay title is needed,
nor a restatement of my questions to you at the beginning of the paper is needed.
Type your name at the top and immediately begin your essay thereafter in accordance with standard MLA guidelines.

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