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choose an organization to analyze and research how human behavior; leadership, change, culture and performance contributes to a successful organization. A minimum of five scholarly sources integrating organizational behavior theory or concepts is required. Your paper must be in APA format. APA citation is required for all references, in-text citations and quotes used in each paper.

Once you choose the organization you will analyze, you will write a 10-12 page paper. You are required to include headings for each section of your paper. The following sections are required:

Name of the organization, who they are and what they do. Explain why you choose this organization to analyze. Who is the CEO? What is his or her background? How did he or she come to the organization? Questions to think about when developing this section of your paper: What is his or her leadership style? How does the CEO influence and instill trust in the organization?
Organizational Culture. Questions to think about when developing this section of your paper: What are the common values? Are employees engaged in the workplace? How does the culture embrace diversity and inclusion? Does the culture provide a competitive advantage for the organization?
Identify and analyze a change the organization went through that created organizational improvement, increased performance or transformed the organization. Questions to think about: Why was change necessary? What role did both the leadership and employees have in the change process? What was the impact of the change? How did the change impact the strategic direction of the organization?
What did you learn through your analysis of the organization you chose? Insights and recommendations are encouraged.

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