Systematic WHS

Systematic WHS

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Answer questions 1-4 besed on Case Study.

Plagiarism.  You must compose your answers in your own words.  Simply pasting text from the Internet will result in a failing grade.  It is better to write your own thoughts in your own words – even if your English is not perfect – rather than copy word-for-word the thoughts of someone else.
Submitting identical answers.  You may discuss your assessments with other students, but submitting identical answers to other students will result in a failing grade.  Your answers must be yours alone.
TUTORIALS.  Tutorials are run every week to help you answer the assessments.  The schedule for tutorials will be announced during the first week of term.  You are urged to attend the tutorial that pertains to your online subject.
•    Support and facilitate the implementation of a WHSMS
•    Develop WHS policy and commitment to a WHSMS
•    Develop a WHS plan
•    Implement the WHS plan;
•    Measure and evaluate WHS performance
•    Review and improve the WHSMS

Assignment 1. Case Study
You should use the following Internet resource to understand the Questions:—Policies/Work-Health—Safety

TrustUs Accounting is a small accounting firm with a total of 25 employees including management. The firm has been operating from the past 20 years and has grown from a two-man operation to what it is today.
The firm has a traditional management structure with John, the managing director, plus two other directors, Jodie and Marcus. There are four senior managers, Maynard, Kent, William and Jane. All four are responsible in clientele management and they are supported by a number of administrative staff who manages the day-to-day operations of the firms in the area of sales and marketing, accounting and book keeping, human resources and IT.
The firm has been well-known for their honesty and trustworthiness, and most of their customers have been with the firm since they started. However, the firm recently received a complaint from one of the employees accusing the management of negligence. Jay is a new employee and she recently sustained an injury in the workplace while trying to pick-up a heavy box to be archived. She hurt her back and she is still recovering in the hospital. She is accusing management of not providing her enough information regarding proper lifting techniques. The matter is currently being investigated.
You are recently appointed as the interim WHS Representative and one of your first tasks is to attend a WHS seminar organised by WorkCover. After the seminar, your first course of action is to identify all the possible hazards in the workplace. Here’s a list of your investigation:
•    A table is situated in main doorway and is often bumped as staffs open the door. It is also located close to where the staff attend to customers.
•    Network cables and power leads are draped across the floor in the office area and dangle from temporary hooks over doorways.
•    There is a water leak in the men’s toilet that has been ignored up to this point.
•    One of the computers is producing an annoying humming sound but everyone seems to be used to it
•    The concrete floor in the car park is not even. Some cracks may cause employees, customers and visitors to trip over
•    Jarrod, one of the Admin staff, is flirting with nearly all of the new female employees. He sometimes gives them unwanted backrubs and makes them feel uncomfortable whenever he’s around
•    The office rooms do not have enough ventilation
•    The hot water equipment is leaking hot water from its tap
•    The office furniture does not meet ergonomic requirements
Answer the following 4 questions by typing in the blue space provide

QUESTION 1: (15 marks)

You are a member of TrustUs management team. You do not want any of these lawsuits to happen again in the future. Write policies and procedures specifically related to manual handling in the workplace.

QUESTION 2: (10 marks)
Identify the training needs of everyone to be involved in maintaining workplace safety at TrustUs.

QUESTION 3: (10 marks)
What is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)? Give some examples of KPIs to be used to measure WHS performance.

QUESTION 4: (15 marks)
Develop action plans with allocated responsibilities and time lines for the implementation of an WHS management system at TrustUs Accounting.


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