Syria Oil and Energy Infrastructure

Discuss the resource challenge, or lack of efficient oil and energy within Syria’s government controlled
area. We need to address the geostrategic advantages of Russian and Iranian investments, and Kurdish’s
control of key oil fields in Northeast Syria.
Introduction/Geographic, Natural Resources, Resource Challenges. (1-2 pages): This is the introduction to
your paper and discusses why it is important.
Problem (1-2 pages): This is your thesis or problem statement. State the problem in clear terms and give a
brief description of what your solution or solutions are.
Road Map/Discussion of Organization (1 paragraph): This explains to your reader how your paper is organized
by sections with brief descriptions of each. These sections can become topic and subtitle headings within your
Historical, Geographic, and Resource Overviews and
Challenges (8-10 pages): This is an overview of the area, country, or region you are focused on. Describe the
history, geography, resources, and challenges in detail as it relates to your focus. Ensure the information you
provide is relevant to your topic. Do not provide information that does not relate to your problem or its solution,
but keep in mind that your reader might be unfamiliar with your region. But for example, a lengthy discussion of
language, culture, and history might not be relevant to the problem you are addressing. Use a methodology on
how you present this information, either chronologically, by geographic areas, or by major resources.

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