Sustainable Management Futures

Sustainable Management Futures
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1. Introduction :
• Background of the company
• scope of analysis on corporate social responsibility and sustainability
• materials that you rely on to analysis your assignment.

2. Body
2.0. CSR
• Explain C.S.R
• why B there a need to promote C.S.R
• company’s reason for CSR activities – why the company doing CSR activities
• CSR report ,( 1). how often done – report 5 year ago , (2), the scope of CSR activities.
• Theory of CSR of your company
• whether they have fulfilled their CSR mission
• what B the budget allocated for CSR activities
• then analyze negative and positive reports on the CSR .

2.1 – Sustainability
• Same as above.

3. Conclusion
• Give or Opinion whether enough is done by the company towards Sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
• Why ??
• Can more be done.
References ( not part of the word count )
a. This is the list of sources(including web sources of company information) referred to directly in your report. it must include academic sources such as academic books and articles.
b. Use the Harvard Referencing system.
c. It is not part of the word count.

Appendices (Not part of the word count)
This is where u can include relevant material about the company that you refer to in the main body of your report. material in the appendices is not included in the word count.

Note : Choose any company will u be able to do the job .

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