Surrealism, Salvador Dali, Narrative

Surrealism, Salvador Dali, Narrative

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2000-3000 word critical essay
In order to make your essay critical you would need to find an angle from which to compare / contrast Impressionism with another art movement or set of ideas. A more critical question might be, for example, ?In what ways was Impressionism radically new??. This lends itself to a discussion of how the ideas and formal qualities behind Impressionism were new in some ways, but also how they might also be considered within a trajectory of art history that demonstrates influences from previous artists. It would involve discussing all of the things you would discuss in the first question above, but it would also provide the opportunity for debate. In other words, the second question allows for an essay which must investigate the possibilities of ?yes? and ?no?.

You might want to focus on one particular artist, but his/her work would need to be positioned in context. An example of a critical question might be ?How was it possible for Picasso to paint such a radical picture as Les Demoiselles d?Avignon as early as 1907?? This would involve a detailed discussion of that particular painting, but also Picasso?s influences and ideas in the context of the early twentieth century.

Put all the images at the end of the essay – don?t embed the images in the body of the text

Label the images and refer to them in the text

Use images critically ? use them in the argument, describe the images. Don?t just use images for decoration or without explanation.

Follow your referencing system on how to label images and list them (some referencing systems require that they are listed in the bibliography).

The main structure of the essay is basically just an introduction, main body, and conclusion. APA is preferred but our professor said many types of referencing systems are accepted such as harvard, chicago, or MLA too.

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