Supply and Demand: Consider the price of a certain commodity.

Write-Up: No shorter than two pages, no longer than five. In your write-up, address the following bullet points:

Description of the problem: Provide a brief description of the phenomenon you wish to model. Include global assumptions that limit the scope of your model, but are necessary for creating a simplistic, yet descriptive simulation of the phenomenon.
Description of the model: Introduce notation and variables you will be using. Explain how the model works in terms of the parameters of the model. Briefly describe how you implemented the model in Matlab and what functions, syntax, and techniques you used. Include screen shots or snippets of code that capture the methods used to solve the problem.
Data and results: Provided a summary of your results with at least one graph, figure, or table supporting your findings. If you have data to compare with your model, be sure to find best fit parameters of your model that match the data. If possible, find a continuous function that matches the output of your data and provide an explanation for how you discovered or derived this function.
Stability Analysis: Find the fixed points of your model in terms of the parameters used. De- termine a relationship among the parameters in your model that reflect where specific fixed points are stable/attracting.
Improvements: Discuss or implement into the model at least one improvement and discuss the impact of this change on the results. Include a comparison between your improved model and the basic model using figures and syntax in Matlab.
Conclusion: Briefly summarize the problem and your results and discuss limitations of the model and/or further improvements.

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