SUPER FOODS: CAMU CAMU IN PERU Read the SUPER FOODS: CAMU CAMU IN PERU mini-case in pages 167-169 at the Part 1 Cases in the textbook (immediately after the endnotes of Chapter 5). After reading it, answer the questions posed at the end of the mini-case.
The format for all case studies is detailed below. In the elaboration of each of these sections, the student
should include concepts from the chapter covered in the course.
I. Introduction
✓ Brief history of the company
✓ Company situational analysis
✓ Financial/Marketing relevant data
II. Main Body of the Paper
✓ Answers to case study question.
✓ Statement of Marketing Problem(s): is it a targeting, positioning, marketing mix, problem?
Why you think so?
✓ Identification of strategic marketing alternatives available based on your current knowledge
of the concepts from the course. Explain logic and feasibility, and give advantages and
✓ Recommended strategic alternative and financial impact expected.
✓ Implementation plan (activity plan) recommended for the company (including challenges and
✓ Evaluation and control plan suggested
III. Conclusion
✓ Brief Summary of problem and solution and financial impact.
✓ References

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