summary the Journal

summary the Journal
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Activity 1: Summary and paraphrase.

Construct a one-page summary and paraphrase effectively of the attached article. Your summary must be 250 words. You do not need to include other sources/references or a reference list.


And then answer the case study on activity 2 by writing in full sentences.

Activity 2: Journal entry
The palliative care unit where you work has been exceptionally busy over the past six months and you have nursed more than the usual number of people who have died. Many of them have been very young people, and some of their families still come by the ward to visit you. You feel tired and run-down and you know you have not been your usual happy self at work.

Write a 150-word journal entry explaining how you feel, and plan three strategies you are going to implement to avoid compassion fatigue and burnout, in the future.

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