Summarize and evaluate 2 research articles

Summarize and evaluate 2 research articles
summarize, evaluate and critique each of the articles below:

1. Mukherjee, S. Lightfoot, j. & Sloper P. (2000) ‘The inclusion of Pupils with Chronic Health conditions in mainstream schools; What does it mean for their teachers?’ Educational Research Vol 42:1 p 59-72

2. Mroz, M & Letts, C. (2008) ‘Interview Stories: Early years Practitioners Experiences with Children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs’ Child Language, Teaching & Therapy Vol. 24:1 pp 73-93
Introduction : introduction to the topic of research and the conclusions drawn from research
Points to be covered:
Overview of methods used
evaluation of research (advantages/disadvantages)
evaluations of conclusions drawn by researchers – are these valid conclusions on the basis of research conducted?

Outline both articles separately:
Aims of research study
methods used – qualitative, quantitative, sample group, age, size, bias?
results – what did it conclude?

discussion : discuss the two different approaches to conducting research, their methods, sample groups etc and the strength and weaknesses of both articles.

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