Straw art

For this exercise, you are to read the article and watch the zoom session with Ted Kergan, CEO of Louisiana Franchises:

  1. Explain (in your own words) what “defamiliarize the familiar” means and how the artists “defamiliarize the familiar” in their artwork. When looking at the zoom meeting, there are two pieces behind Mr. Kergan. Describe your reaction to the pieces. Would you go to a sonic to view this type of art?
  2. Describe how their art allows for a fresh perspective on their chosen item–straws. In other words, how does their art challenge you to see or think about straws in a different way?
  3. What is the emotional response you get when looking at this work?
  4. Sonic has commissioned the artists to make more artwork for their other restaurants as well as some of their corporate offices. Why do you suppose this is? What does the artwork bring to their establishments? (bring insight from the discussion on p. 123 — the basic functions of visual techniques as well as comments from Mr. Kergan in the zoom meeting).
  5. Discuss any insight from this assignment.……

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