Strategic Management

Strategic Management

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Group Goursework Brief

Colgate-Palmolive (in the Fragrance industry)
Present the results of a detailed strategic analysis of your given company, including

– An analysis of the company’s general business environment and its competitive/industry environment

– An analysis of the internal organisation

¥ Resources, capabilities and competencies (to the extent possible)

– Identify key strategic issues facing the company

¥ Which might include a few or many of the following

¥ Competitive dynamics; internationalisation; diversification; growth; cooperative strategies; mergers and/or acquisitions; governance; strategy implementation; and/or renewal

– Propose strategic options available to the company

– Recommend the choice of one option

• With justification and an outline of risks associated with the option


A superior group report will:

¥ Be very well researched (breadth and depth)

¥ Be based on current evidence from reliable sources (to extent possible)

¥ Demonstrate the group’s ability to use appropriate techniques, frameworks, and models of strategic analysis

¥ Identify strategic issues (decision-points) facing the company

¥ Propose credible options available to the company

¥ Recommend a justifiable option based

¥ Be presented as a consultant’s slide deck

– Highlighting the results of the analysis
– Showing the logic underlying the recommendation

¥ Be visually attractive with an appropriate mix of text and visual forms of data presentation

¥ Be meticulously referenced, and
Be written to a professional standard

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